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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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perpetual underemployment of black people in this community you need to change and come up with a new radical political culture. i hope you will do that and i want to support it. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir, thank you for being here. >> good afternoon, supervisors, madam chair kim, my name is don marcos, director of mission hiring hall and i want to congratulate all the appointees by the mayor to this important commission. first and foremost, the honorable dar sing who i have adopted as my community dad. his intelligence and vision is not obvious in what he says but how he assesses things and how he acts on them. he is a kind and very, very conscious man who is community minded.
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maridol salas, when we celebrated our 40 years her name came up. she was referred by a nonprofit law firm and ignited a fire in her heart and now runs her own firm and has made a lot of contribution in the work force hiring local residents. miss johnson, i am a co-member in the tax credit investment board advisory committee, energetic and driven as she looks. miss mondahar, a prohifk, prolific advocate of the community, not just the philipino community but the community as larpk and of course mr. ellington as
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energetic as he sounded. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon, chair kim, supervisor farrell, supervisor avalos, i was on the south of market committee for 10 years, during that time at many meetings i would go to the redevelopment agency. there's one person i don't recall ever missing a meeting and that was dar sing. it was thanks to the redevelopment agency there was jobs provided, housing provided and a lot of south of market got revitalized. i will be
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brief and urge you to approve these nominations. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is gary banks, founder of family restoration house, a nonprofit organization located in district 10. also i served on the project area committee bayview and currently on san francisco eoc, and i'm standing here in support of dar sing and also the other candidates. i believe we have a great eclectic group of individuals who i believe will serve our community in a very good way. i really appreciate dar sing, all the great supportive galas and the bayview area dealing with the hunter's point, i believe he is a well-seasoned individual and i'm sure you've heard plenty of the same thing but i'm standing before this group to say the sank thing. >> good afternoon,
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supervisors, my nais is chris moscone. i'm here to support mara rosales. i'll be brief, everyone has said a mouthful and very he will eloquently, including the nominees. mara and i have been working together for many years and i think what she brings to this commission will be a plus. she knows a lot about city process, city law, public law. i think it's a great choice and i look forward to this whole commission. i'm really happy to be here. thank you. >> thank you, mr. moscone. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is robert woods and i would like to say this, that it's not the candidates that i speak towards, the candidates are very much so qualified. i speak to the process in terms
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of how those names was developed. when the commission, the successor commission, have a meeting and no one shows up in the meeting is canceled and then you come here and you see people being nominated and the community have not been involved in it other than within their little close circles and i say to you that we look forward to them being on board but we question, we will question the decisions that they make because the decisions that they make will affect the community and since we did not have any input up front, we will question them and we will want to know why and who developed, who there in
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the car with in terms of who they make these decisions for. and that's what we have been missing in the community. we have not been missing representatives but we've been missing some type of tangibles that give the community some type of hope. right now, like i said before, you have been whistling past the graveyard for so long that the community have not been, the community's not dead yet. and i say to you watch the decisions that are made and how it affect our community because we will come back to you because you are the ones that are on the board that's making this, the decisions. so we say to you,
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good luck and you will see us and i say to those people whom you nominated --. >> if you could wrap up your final comments, thank you. >> i say the people who you nominated, i hope them success and i hope they will come around and visit the true community. thank you. >> thank you, mr. woods, i appreciate those comments. >> good afternoon, supervisors, genevieve, i met marily mondejar i would not have met my former boss, former speaker mar, i would not have
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developed the relationships to be the national cochair of the philipinos for justice. she helped me fight for my passion no matter how uncomfortable it may be. marily has the ability to organize the community. i highly recommend marila mondejar to the commission because of her experience with marginalized communities and the ability to organize and develop and because she will help the community fight for what they want and deserve and strengthening the physical, social and economic infrastructure of san francisco while doing so. >> thank you for being here. i see there is only two more speakers left, so i want to
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encourage anyone else that did not fill out a speaker card to at this point line up on the right-hand side, your left-hand side of the room. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is ingrid merryweather, i am the president of a company doing business with the city for 15 years. in particular i've been fortunate to know mara rosales for close to 15 years. it would be difficult for the city to find anyone better who bears the title she will bear. her personal convictions are taylor made to help steer this agency in the projects for which they will have jurisdiction to a new paradigm of possibility. mara rosalales will steer the board to new
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possibilities and i ask the board's support for all the candidates, they were quite impressive. >> i'm mary franklin in district 10, founder of the environmental justice movement, inc.. i want to also commend the commissioners who were appointed to the commission initiative and i have to say i would never have thought i would see the changing of the guards. i want to pay homage to mr. leroy king and congratulations commissioner singh for being able to stay on that commission. what i have to say to the newly elected individuals, i want to leave one term to you, disposition agreement. i hope this new commission initiative coalition of individuals will not be
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guilty of producing documents that are unenforcible or null and void. it's called land disposition agreement and if any of the newly informed, newly appointed individuals would like to see one of those, i will be happy to show that to them. so may i say, too, that a land disposition agreement that is not enforced negatively impacts upon the generation and the community and that is perpetual. thank you. >> thank you, miss franklin. again, if you would like to speak on this item please line up on this side of the room. >> rules committee, go, go into a soma, going to a soma, don't you know that we want to
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feel (singing) going to a soma, going to a soma, that we want feel, you'll make the funds grow. you'll make the (inaudible) going to the soma, give it a go-go. (applause). >> thank you. miss jackson. >> dr. espinola jackson, bayview hunter's point. a lot of statements have been made today. what i would really like you to do, i'm not here to oppose these appointments that are needed but at this point i think you should wait a while,
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at least until january because of the fact this is the time when a lot of change is happening in my community. i served on a joint housing committee with the redevelopment agency back in 1968 and the things that were supposed to happen in my community never did. you talk about affordable housing from the time the term affordable housing started being, i wanted to know affordable to whom because it's never been affordable to the people living in my community. the ami is the way of not having poor people living in san francisco. that need to be looked into. another thing that need to be looked into, before you set up a commission, throwing them in the fire, you know, because they don't know what's been happening in the past but one that's been a commissioner for some time, is just wait and make sure and have an audit done before they get there. because it's going to be real hot up in that corner because another thing i'm going to talk about is ab 26. the state
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made, they was called then not called, so statements i was concerned with because i've been involved with the redevelopment agency since 1968, the affordable housing and work force you need to check it out and have an audit done before these people go sit anywhere and let us have a meeting for me to come back and you can tell me what has happened. thank you very much. >> thank you, dr. jackson. >> good afternoon, commissioners, i mean supervisors, eric brooks representing san francisco green party and the local grass roots organization of our city. i'm not going to get up here to oppose any candidates because it's clear at least four of these candidates are profoundly impressive in their qualifications for this type of work. but there is a problem and that is with public process.
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it's vital to remember that the reason we made sure that some of us fought so hard to make sure that neighborhood representatives were on this commission is that that is right of pa process of appointing them was supposed to entail going to those neighborhoods in depth and getting their input on who these appointees should be. for this to be noticed a few days ago at holiday time is very problematic to that process. just to show an example of why this is so important and why we need to wait until the second meeting in january to nail down these appointments, as impressive as they are, none of the appointees when they stood up said one word about the fact that the bayview hunter's point development area is a federal super fund site. 30,000 people in the bayview hunter's point signed a petition to put a measure on the ballot because of the concerns about the fact of that super fund site because
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of the asbestos that was released during lanair's project for which they were fined $500,000. these environmental issues were not brought up in the comments of the appointees and that clearly shows that those 30,000 people in the bayview were not sufficiently consulted. they need these appointees to hear from them and they need a chance to weigh in on the process of who is being appointed in the first place to this body. thanks. >> thank you, mr. brooks. is there any more public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, we do have 5 appointees before us for these 5 seats. supervisor farrell. >> thanks, chair kim. first i just want to say thank you to all the candidates that came out today to speak. i have to say, and also want to commend
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the mayor and staff for putting such a fine group together. i think all your diverse backgrounds and interests are going to be really well served and serve our city. so thank you for that. you know, i think mr. singh certainly a lot of your prior history, a lot of your merchant activity is going to be welcome here and really impressed with who came out to speak on your behalf. miss rosales as well, your background in the city and the people who came out to speak for you, miss johnson, your background, especially in finance, obviously near and dear to my heart but so valuable for what this agency is going to be tasked with and to have your experience and background is going to be incredible valuable and look forward to having you play an integral role in that. .
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tamara lee, i think the first person out on tv here on sfgov tv did the dating game. marilee, really impressed with what you did during our redistricting process and believe you have the best interests of everyone at heart and look forward to working with you on this commission. mr. ellington, theo, when you become the subject of one of walter's songs you graduate into a different strata here in city hall and i look forward to working with you as well. i am more than happy to put forward a motion to move all these commissioners. >> we have a motion to move
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items 2 and 6 to the full board. and we have a second. supervisor weiner. >> thank you, madam chair, i'm not on the committee but i thought this was important enough i wanted to be here for the item. i just wanted to associate myself with supervisor farrell's remarks, these are all exceptional candidates, clearly the mayor did a terrific job in vetting and coming up with a good slate for this commission so i'm very supportive. >> thank you, supervisor weiner, thank you for being here. >> thank you, chair kim, i actually had the opportunity to meet with all the candidates, each and every one of them over the past few days, mostly last week. i appreciate their reaching out to me. i was not able to meet with miss mondajar, she was able to talk to one of my staff members. i will be supporting all the candidates. i do appreciate
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the effort to reach out to get a lot of expertise, a lot of experience, a lot of diversity for this commission. i think it's very vital commission that can set the tone for how other commissions can work in san francisco but certainly to carry out the remaining work for these project areas. i want to say the things i am concerned about. local hire is essential that we actually maximize the effort around local hire on these projects that remain in these areas. affordable housing to me clearly we have in bayview hunter's point large amounts of (inaudible) housing continue to be built. i want to make sure we are maximizing the most dire economic situations that people are in so we are able to keep people in san francisco. we
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need to look at business development that's actually going to support local businesses and ultimately we need to look at how our city is dealing with disparity. we're seeing our economy taking off but also running away from a lot of people in the city and making sure we're looking at equity and evening disparities in the city and that's something we don't talk about enough in the city and i'm hoping we can actually move a new agenda that's actually going to be looking at making improvements for the lowest folks. i think about, when people talk about 99 percent, i'm concerned about the bottom 70 percent and make sure we can build unity between the 90 percent to support the bottom 70 percent and hope this commission can look towards that as some kind of directive. so i will be supporting these candidates moving forward. >> thank you. thank you, supervisor avalos. i did have an opportunity to sit down with many of the
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nominees that were before us today and i think what i appreciated was not just each individual nominee but the collection of the nominees together. i think there are several different areas of expertise that each of the would-be commissioners could represent and i'm glad there is a wide spectrum that will be of backgrounds and experience that will be represented on this commission. so i am also happy to support this motion moving forward these 5 appointees. similar to supervisor avalos, you know, i just want to recognize that this commission is really a delegation of board responsibilities that we are giving to a citizen advisory committee. and i think there's certainly a number of things that we would want you to look out for, things that we would be considering if we were to look at many of these items. and i think as we build two new area plans really where we don't have a lot of residents, both mission bay and transbay, that we have an eye towards
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building a complete neighborhood and community, that we think about the infrastructure, the pedestrian safety, all the promises and commitments that we made to the city when we said that we would build of course these neighborhoods and of course that we ensure that these are diverse communities really reflective of san francisco residents. with hunter's point shipyards, i mean there we are really protecting a community and a promise that we made to existing san francisco natives. there is so much that we need to deliver in bayview hunter's point. we really kind of look upon this commission to move forward with that commitment and promise and we really ask the community to engage with this commission and we ask the commission really to listen to the community and reach out to them as well on your own time. i think that that's very important and there are many community leaders that have been long active on these 3 area plans and we encourage you to meet with them. i know this is a huge time commitment but i think as much of that work, it's very
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important as we wind down the responsibilities of the successor agency. so again, happy to move forward theo ellington for seat 1, merily mondajar for seat 3, i want to thank all the member s of the public who came and also waited to speak. we really appreciate that as many of you as possible tried to consolidate your comments as well. it's very clear there is broad support for the 5 commissioner appointees here before us. so we have a motion and a second and we can move forward these items. >> one thing i wanted to add. >> i'm sorry, supervisor afl loels. >> you just reminded me in your comments and i think it's important for some concurrence from members of this committee about public input. there were some members who came here who spoke for public comment and thought there were parts of the community that weren't
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necessarily consulted, this project is moving a little too fast. i listened to it but i also feel like the disappointed candidates today but it speaks to the need to make sure we are hearing the community voice and reaching out for the community voice and the folks who are going to be on this commission, i think you have a duty to do that. i consider that to be one of the main parts of your function as a commissioner. >> thank you. so we do have items 2 through 6 that we will move forward to the full board and we have a motion to do that ease as a committee report. >> item 7, hearing to consider appointing one member term --. >> excuse me, if you can take your conversations out, we still have other items on the
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agenda and it's hard to hear our clerk if you are speaking inside this room. thank you. sorry, madam clerk. >> item 7, hearing to consider appointing one member, term ending december 16, 2014 to the market and octavia community advisory committee. there is one seat and two applicants. >> thank you, this item was continued from our previous rules committee meeting in november. i really want to encourage folks it please exit the room. i'm so sorry, we do still have other applicants waiting to be heard. we did continue this item from last november 15th and we actually now have two applicants for one seat and i will call you in the order that you are listed, matthew stein, if you could approach us here today. and mr. steen, i know this is your first time speaking before the rules committee. it's pretty much the same format as you've seen
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with our other applicants, if you could speak to your experience and qualifications as relates to this cac position. >> yes, thank you very much, madam chair. >> i'm sorry, could you wait one second? >> certainly. >> thank you, mr. steen >> thank you very much, supervisors. my name is matthew steen, i'm a native san franciscoan, growing up in the mission district. currently reside in the lower half of the octavia plan boundaries, i have lived there since 2009, i have lived of course many other places in san francisco, as many of us have. my previous experience with direct planning issues, land use issues, occurred while i was living in santa barbara for
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20 years. i went, i left san francisco and went to santa barbara, went to university there. subsequently i was hired, actually was elected to a local public office and subsequently hired as the executive director of the alto vista community house which is a board appointment as well. while with the community council, municipal advisory council, our planning director left and i was assigned planning dregtor responsibilities for about a year and a half before i moved on to another job working in antipoverty, working with antipoverty organizations with community action programs. while with my duties as an active planning dregtor were quite sudden, i will already been on the local planning
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commission, alta vista planning commission for several years, i was somewhere familiar with planning concepts and nomenclature. however, once the applications for conditional use permits and variances and various rezonings started arriving at my desk, i was required by the state government code the county planning partment forward these documents to my office, i would then prepare an analysis and send up to the municipal advisory council for that area which was a population of 17,000 unincorporated area of santa barbara county. since returning to san francisco, and that was to return to school at cal berkeley, which i did not graduate from because i was hired into a corporate executive management with a major national insurance company and did that for several years. i was ac


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